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Oscar Medina, a seasoned consultant and polyglot helping companies build products for over 16 years.
Oscar Medina
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About Me


A multi platform passionate Sr. Technologist, speaker, co-author and seasoned consultant over 16 years of experience in both, startup and large enterprise environments. I thoroughly enjoy being challenged and constantly learning new methodologies, languages, tools, techniques, and anything that keeps me thinking of solutions to business problems (sometimes even in my sleep).  My experience is very diverse and includes mobile, web and infrastructure expertise. Plenty of experience in following SDLC and agile methodologies to quickly prototype and build POCs for websites and mobile apps.


Pro SharePoint 2013 – Branding and Responsive Web Development

Social Computing with Microsoft SharePoint 2007

Do you Use SharePoint Social Features? 
Check out my Windows Phone App (SharePoint Social App) the first Social App for SharePoint

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Head on over to CodePlex and download My Recurring Calendar Events WebPart, its nice to see recurring calendar events on the “Calendar View” :)