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PowerShell & Active Directory
PowerShell + Active Directory Module Useful Queries

I was working on a custom tool that allows for synching AD Users and related data to an Office365 SharePoint site, while testing my queries, I wrote tons of stuff but wanted to share just some useful ones. # get a count of Users not disabled...

Add The SharePoint 2013 Geolocation Column to a Content Type

Quick Tip – The PowerShell code below adds it as a Site Column, once you do that  navigate to your custom Content Type and add it from existing site columns. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $fieldXml = “<Field Type=’Geolocation’ DisplayName=’My Location’ />” $web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl $fieldName = $web.Fields.AddFieldAsXml($fieldXml) $web.Update()   Cheers, Oscar...

PerformancePoint Designer
Adding PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer Shortcut to a page.

You probably already know that branding the PerformancePoint Site is a good undertaking and you should consider doing it on your branding efforts.  But what if you just need the shortcut to the PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer within a page or even your own design? function ULSrFH(){var...

SharePoint 2010 – Deploy WebTemplate Via PowerShell

Short but sweet post.  So you’ve created your Web Template and need to deploy as part of your overall deployment scripts.  How do you include this? The Web Template in this case is a User Solution (Sandbox Solution), and this is how you go about deploying...

Developer Tip: Debugging your SharePoint 2010 Solution

Problem If you run into a scenario where you have modified the web.config file on the root IIS Site to output the stack trace and and in addition you have switched your customErrors=off but still cannot see the stack trace, what do you do? Solution You can temporarily modify the...

iPhone Experience
SharePoint 2010 – Current iPhone User Experience

While working on SharePoint 2010, I thought it would be interesting to view some of the pages via my iPhone.  Not all pages have a mobile view, but one can also use the query string “?mobile=1”.  Also, I believe there is a server-side function that...